The Vision

The Vision

The vision of the College of Seer and Prophets is to raise up apostolic and prophetic ministers, the prophetic voice institution, called to give Art in apostolic and Prophetic Institution, Teaching Acts of Supernatural Perspective in dominate World of the 21st century, school college of Prophetic with Apostolic Revelation Streams, for the end time harvest and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have a vision to provide Word based training with qualified ministers with proven ministries. The disease of ignorant can only be cure in the school of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Holy Ghost. This is the college you belong in the 21st century.

These ministers have established ministries and have trained thousands around the world. These are ministry practitioners with an anointing to build the Church for Jesus Christ.

The college is dedicated to rising up strong heartbeat godly leading prophets and seers for the prophetic and apostolic challenges of the modern days. The College’s training is based on three values needed for the apostolic and prophetic training and ministries:

Competency in the knowledge of God’s word and the subjects pertaining to the various disciplines of ministries

Integrity in their personal walk with God and their conduct of apostolic and prophetic ministries

Accountability to the Lord Jesus Christ, to the Church, and to fellow ministers by abiding and operating within the limits of the Word, the will of the God and the ethical frameworks for the apostolic and prophetic destiny and ministries.

Our vision is to train supernatural warriors of Jesus Christ for these end times who will hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church and become overcomer’s. welcome!