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The School of the Seer and Prophets, founded in 2007 by Prophet Akanbi Adekanbi, is a comprehensive college synod that is designed to impart foundational principles of effective operation of ministry, Seer audacity and prophetic ministry in particular. Those that desire a deeper understanding of the prophetic component found throughout Scripture will find that the validity of prophetic ministry is clearly determined to dispel the inordinate degree of skepticism, unbelief and prejudice that permeates the Body of Christ. The School of the Seer and Prophets specializes in establishing an ethical foundation of servant hood leadership to impact the lives of students during their crucial season of preparation for and maturation of ministry. Through the reiteration of the necessary balance between authority and submission, Prophet Akanbi’s perspectives will compel the student to assess their motives and attitudes as well as their performance and gifting’s. The School of the Seer and Prophets leaves a significant imprint on the lives of all who attend, for one does not have to be called to be a prophet in order to benefit from this course. Internationally received, The School of the Seer and Prophets is a unique, intensive course of study which will clarify essential points of conflicting theories applicable to the function of a New Testament prophet.

This School of the Seer and Prophets, which was developed from the auspicious Prophetic

Revelational wisdom, Prophet Akanbi, having assessed characters and the prophetic gifting’s in life, has released function as his board of advisors and speak the counsels of the Lord to the Body of Christ, both locally and at large. He forms a prophetic coalition that stands to bring forth the Word of the Lord with dignity, accuracy and integrity. They stand as a unique company whose individual expressions and anointing brings a complimentary and diversified flavor to the prophetic ministry here at EagleStar Bible College of Seer & Prophets.

The level and depth of various workshop topics during The Prophetic Congress will became the catalyst to the development of the #Seer Audacity. The topics chosen are comprehensive, and will cause the student to enter new dimensions in God as revelatory teaching impacts and unveil new levels of truth. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled in The School of the Seer and Prophets Volume is explored through meticulous study of the Word of God. Shalom!

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